Metallurgical research

Steel Research and Waste Treatment

What can we offer you in this field?

  • Design and optimization of metallurgical processes, casting and solidification of ingots, castings and continuously cast billets using special sw; prediction of volume defects (macrosegregation, shrinkages, porosity, hot tears), study of metal temperature field and stress-strain characteristics
  • metallurgy of melting and casting of metallic materials
  • design and verification of thermal treatment technology of metallurgical and related wastes in laboratory conditions

Technical equipment of the workplace

  • sw THERCAST ® and MAGMA ®
  • Atmospheric induction melting furnaces with melt weights of max. 2000 kg and 350 kg
  • cart chamber annealing furnace (155 x 87 x 195 cm), max. 1000 °C, charge max. 5 000 kg
  • Portable X-ray spectrometer Niton XL2 Gold
  • Rotary tube furnace for thermal treatment of metalurgical wastes, operating temperature 400 °C – 1650 °C, max. charge weight 0.5 kg, rotating speed up to 20 rpm, CO, CO₂, O₂, air, N₂ or Ar atmosphere
  • chamber furnace, max. 1400 °C, charge approx. 20 kg

Forming research

What can we offer you in this field?

  • simulation of cold and hot forming processes using special software – study of temperature fields and stress-strain state of the formed piece, analysis of the flow of the formed material
  • prediction of phase composition and mechanical properties after heat treatment
  • physical simulation of hot forming and heat treatment processes of metallic materials
  • study of structure-forming processes during forming and cooling of metallic materials
Technical equipment of the workplace

  • sw FORGE R
  • sw CAD Solidworks R
  • SETARAM universal torsion plastometer
  • universal rolling mill for the production of seamless tubes
  • furnaces (3 pcs) for heat treatment, max. 1300 °C, load approx. 10 kg, atmosphere air, N₂,
    water/oil quenching
  • hardening furnace, charge max. ø 500 mm x 900 mm, 500 kg, max. 1280 °C
  • tempering furnace with internal circulation of furnace atmosphere, charge max. ø 500 mm x 900 mm, 500 kg, max. 1280 °C