30. 01. 2024

The CirkArena project has been granted planning permission
The CirkArena strategic project has passed another important milestone in the process of preparing the entire construction. On 20 January 2024, the zoning decision on the location of the building came into force (within the meaning of Section 73(1) of Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Code, as amended).
The approval process was quite complex with regard to the scale and complexity of the construction. In addition to the entire main building structure, planning permission was also granted, for example, for roads (pedestrian and mobile), parking areas, gardens and landscaping, as well as, in particular, utilities (relocation of hot water pipeline, water supply, sewage sewerage and water, sewage, hot water, power and low voltage connections) and geothermal boreholes for the use of heat pumps.
Currently, the project is entering the key phase of construction and technical preparation, i.e. the tender for the contractor in the form of Design&Build is being prepared. This is currently linked to the so-called preliminary market consultations, which aim to verify the current market prices for the construction works for the upcoming tender. On this basis, the tender will subsequently be launched during spring 2024.

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