24. 10. 2023

CirkArena project (Circular Economy R&D Centre)
The upcoming strategic project Cirk Arena was successfully completed on 24.02.2023 in terms of application preparation and finally sent for assessment and evaluation to the SFŽP, which acts as an intermediary body in terms of the Operational Programme of Equitable Transformation (OPST). The role of the lead provider is played by the Ministry of the Environment. The project is now entering an important evaluation phase, at the end of which it should be decided whether or not the project will succeed in the competition with other strategic projects. This decision should be made by the middle of this year.
However, given the tight timetable, key work is not being left behind and regardless of the certainty of success, the project is moving boldly forward. In this vein, last week saw the completion of an oversubscribed tender for the selection of a contractor for the construction project for the planning permission (DUR), including the preparation of the Design & Build documentation (DVD), the creation of a building information model using the BIM method and the performance of author supervision. The winner of the tender was the renowned architectural studio FIALA ARCHITECTS with whom MMV signed a contract. The completion of the DUR including obtaining the planning permission should be achieved this year.

CirkaArena is a planned research and development centre for the circular economy. It will concentrate excellent scientific and innovation teams and capacities with the ambition to integrate its sites in Třinec and Ostrava into the system of national reference laboratories. The key building of the centre will be built in Třinec on the site of the original ice rink.

The centre will focus mainly on waste research in the following 3 areas:
  • Waste specific to the Moravian-Silesian region (such as heaps, dust and slag).
  • Bio-waste
  • Construction waste
and thus contribute to the transformation of the Moravian-Silesian Region.
The results of CirkArena’s R&D will support the regional innovation ecosystem. They will help to exploit the potential of secondary use of raw materials stored in the region – industrial heaps, tailings and tailings ponds, which are the legacy of heavy industry. They will contribute to the modernisation and sustainability of the region’s businesses, the reduction of industrial waste, waste prevention, the saving of raw materials and industrial symbiosis.

CirkArena will be a bridge between the technology and knowledge base and will help accelerate R&D, innovation and education activities in the circular economy.

In June 2021, the CirkArena project was selected as one of the strategic projects of the Moravian-Silesian Region and is thus applying for funding from the Operational Programme Equitable Transformation.
The idea of CirkArena is based on the industrial history of the region and the current transformation of the regional economy. It is also directly linked to the European climate goals and the move towards a low-carbon economy.
The city of Třinec was chosen as the key location for the future location of the new infrastructure. Where the former hockey WerkArena used to be a place where quality performances were cheered, talents played, teams competed for victories and the place vibrated with energy, the story of CirkArena continues and begins again. The facility will play a synergistic role in the future together with the long-standing R&D infrastructure of the MMV in Ostrava.
The new scientific and R&D centre for a European-level circular economy will draw attention to Třinec, Ostrava and the region, attract talent and excellence, and will once again shimmer with energy.
The building itself will be a unique demonstration of the circular economy in the construction industry. It will be created by recycling a brownfield – the old WerkArena in Třinec. Construction is planned using the Design & Build method.
CirkArena builds on a broad partnership of research and educational organizations, private and public sectors.
The project promoter is MATERIÁLOVÝ A METALURGICKÝ VÝZKUM s.r.o., historically the longest operating research infrastructure in the MSK (77 years of history) and the largest private research organisation in the region.

Project schedule

2021-2022 Project preparation 2022-2027 Contractor selection and construction implementation 2022-2027 Assembling research teams and recruitment of staff 2026-2027 Delivery and equipping of the centre, approval of the building 2028 Commencement of full operation
Project budget
The total project budget is currently projected at CZK 2.2 billion. The projected project budget will cover the costs associated with the construction of the research centre, the cost of equipment acquisition, the salaries of the researchers and the implementation team, as well as costs associated with the provision of necessary services, for example.

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