11. 04. 2024

MMV introduces new equipment for small specimen sampling

MMV has developed a new device for the sampling from steel components for which material characterization is required. It is a technique that excels in minimising interference with the integrity of the material from which the sample is taken. The sample is in the shape of a cap of a sphere with a diameter of approximately 25 mm and a height of 2,5 mm. From the material obtained, its chemical composition, microstructure and, based on the Small Punch Test, its mechanical and brittle fracture properties, FATT transition temperature and creep characteristics can be determined.
The sampling device has a compact size, which makes its application in locations with limited access possible. The precision of the instrument’s processing and the choice of materials used for its production allow it to be used in dusty environments. Anchoring of the device at the time of sampling is solved by magnets, or clamping belts can be used. The abrasive tool of the device does not cause overheating of specimen during sampling and thus does not change its structural characteristics. The device is controlled by software which allows the setting of sampling parameters and then the program ensures that the required sampling criteria are met during the sampling process. To facilitate communication with the software, the control unit of the sampling device is equipped with a display. The device is mainly used in the energy and petrochemical industries, but also in other areas where the user wants to determine the parameters of steel materials and at the same time wants to avoid invasive intervention in the structure of the tested material, as would be the case with conventional large-format sampling.
With the equipment presented, MMV provides both the sampling and the complete evaluation of the samples in its own laboratories, in accordance with accredited procedures.

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